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Why Savile Row tailoring?

For over a century, Savile Row has been synonymous as the home of fine quality tailoring. Today the Row retains its international reputation and is acknowledged as the benchmark in tailoring.

What is the difference between a fully bespoke and semi-bespoke suit?

In short, a fully bespoke suit involves a baste stage (half-made suit) and is completely handmade. Fully bespoke requires a minimum of 3 fitting stages, around 80 hours of manual work and costs will start from around £3,000.

A semi-bespoke suit is finished by hand and is completed to a straight finish (with no baste stage) with any adjustments made subsequently. Semi-bespoke can cost anything from £1,200 depending on the quality of the tailor.

What about the fit?

If you have a suit made, the fit should  feel just right. If it feels tight, don't accept it. Ask your tailor to adjust  for you, and keep adjusting  until it is comfortable.

How do you recognise a poorly made suit?

A poorly made suit, bespoke or off-the-peg will often crease in places where the sholders meet the sleeves. A quick look at the sleeves and lapels often demonstrates this.

A top of the sleeve where it meets the shoulder is called the crown.

A well tailored crown will sit up proudly at the head of the sleeve and have a generous roundness to it, whereas the crowns of a poorly tailored suit tend to be rather flat and lifeless. Another give-away can be the finishing on lapels. When poorly tailored these have a tendency to curl forward away from the body of the suit and may appear puckered or wrinkled as if shrunk in the wash.


A well-made bespoke suit will feature hand-stitching down the edges of the lapels which will lie flat and even. Stitches should not be so tight as to pucker them.